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Useful for work with 3D models

The 3D Object Converter is excellent software that allows you to import 3D model data from external sources with great accuracy and quality. The software supports 726 file formats which include DBV, GEO, HCR, R3D, OBJ, HCR, IMG, 3DP, ASP, OB3 among others.

The interface is user-friendly and provides drag and drop options as you add files. It has an inbuilt browsing function. You can add a list of 3D models at once because the software supports batching processing using it batch converter. 

The product is a powerful tool that helps you manipulate 3D data and convert it to various file formats. Aside from the functions mentioned above, it can contribute to configure object settings such as vertices and face. 

The software support command line parameters example 3dconverter.exe fullpath ry.3ds to open and view files. The 3D Object Converter supports ASCII file loader technology.

Notable features of the product include dynamic memory allocation to allow the program the memory it needs.

The product has the following unique tools Auto rotate, View, CTRL-R, Batch converter, calculate vertex colors from face colors, Check for updates, Delete scene UV maps, Draw vertices, Draw wireframe, Automatic file format recognition just to mention a few.

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