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Can extract files from archives (.rar, .zip, .tar.gz) or create archives (.zip, 7z)

7-Zip is a multi-functional toolkit which creates and extracts files as well as detects  errors on compressed files and folders. The application has an added functionality to test any errors of the new archived files. The interface is interactive and comprehensive with browse function supported on the interface unlike most compression applications. The tool supports the following file formats RAR, TAR, ZIP, GZLZA, , LZH ISO,andARJ it also has 7z file extensions. 

Compression and decompression of files using 7-Zip is fast with the whole process automated. The interface has several options to give you a wide choice on which operation to choose and run. The compression process is in just a click of a button as it also supports batch processing of files within seconds. The overall aim of the tool is to economize on space and further enhance computer performance. 

A more unique feature of the tool is the calculator which comes  in handy to verify downloaded applications from any errors which might cause malfunctioning. There are several compression toolkits but 7-Zip stands out with its additional options, functions and operations.

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