ABC 4 Kids Workshop

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Children can learn the alphabet

The low concentration of some kids needs an interactive learning environment. Software developers have mastered the art of keeping them linked to school by developing customized education software for them. ABC 4 Kids Workshop is an example of a child-friendly application designed to boost  their development. It improves the mastery of language, alphabet and spelling.


  • Uses animation for illustration.
  • It has an interactive spelling game.
  • Has a speech synthesizer for spelling and pronunciation classes.
  • It has an audio- visual synchronization.
  • Program on pronunciation and practical explanations.
  • It is easy to conceptualize.
  • Gives a step by step guidance on how every class operates.
  • Teaches accurate pronunciations without compromising on accents.
  • It has a self-test with an auto-correct kit for check.
  • It is intuitive and interactive.
  • It is suitable for all ages from beginners up to 14 years
  • It has multimedia learning-based games
  • Different levels to accommodate age, grade and computer proficiency levels
  • Small size program and powerful features without compromising speed and computer performance

ABC 4 Kids Workshop is an awesome program that keep the kids near the computer while learning outside the classroom. The kid does not need any prior computer experience.

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