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A lot of photos in your computer can cause slow computer performance since they can occupy a large hard disk space. To curb this, a good photo manager and an organizer is essential in your computer. ACDSee is a software tool which view, organize, edit, manage and even share the photos on various social media platforms. It is a complex and comprehensive tool with multiple functions to perform all professional editing functions. The organization function allows it to store the photos in a specific sequence for easy navigation, search and viewing. It could be by date, month, and year or even in an alphabetical order. It can also classify the photos in a specific category. The interface runs on four options. They include, manage, view, edit and 365. 

The manage option prioritizes your photos and labels them in a certain order. The view option allows basic edit functions of the photos. The main purpose of editing is to ensure the output quality has a great visual outlook. The application supports import and export of photos from different file locations and external devices. 

A more unique feature of the interface is the fact that it supports batch processing hence ideal for professional photographers. Once you complete the editing function the output can be shared on social media networks.

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