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Use standard Windows services on secondary monitors"
A review of Actual Multiple Monitors by Andrew

The desktop can be cluttered when there are many applications running on it. You may want to de-clutter it by installing desktop enhancer utilities like the “Actual Multiple Monitors”. It helps increase your workspace and make icons more organized. Another reason is to help differentiate different tasks which run on the desktop.¬†This is an application with specialized tools to mainly manage applications and make them more organized. All commands are displayed in an awesome layout for accessibility and easy functioning of the commands. It is a user friendly application ideal for both beginners and advanced users. The configuration settings of the application support personalization of visual effects to give it an awesome look. The tool provides different monitors on the desktop with each of them displaying different applications unlike the normal task bar.

The monitors can be used  using the mouse in just a click of a button. The interface is integrated with hotkeys for easy translation of the commands. Multiple displays are possible due to more advanced settings to allow you make adjustments and change resolutions to your desire. Visual color effects on the application help to differentiate different applications running on the desktop.

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