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"It will manage invoices and details about customers"
A review of Adminsoft Accounts by Andrew

Accounting can be a burden when you have a small business. You have to deal with so many things on a daily basis that you simply don’t have the time necessary to deal with all the accounting required by modern tax systems. And most small business owners don’t have the financial resources to hire a full time accountant. How can you solve this problem? Simple: by using the “Adminsoft Accounts” software. The program was developed by a small business owner for other business owners. In other words, it doesn’t contain the usual accounting jargon that you may find in other programs.

It has every feature you need to keep the invoices, the expenses,receivable and  payrolls. Don’t worry; stock inventory and control, as well as invoicing features are also available. 

You can run the program on any computer up to Windows, and it even works on Mac and Linux systems. The program has around 14MB and requires minimal resources to run. After you create your company profile, you can become your own accountant in no time – the program does not require an accounting specialist to use it.

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