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It does not matter how close your schedule gets. The program “Alarm Clock” helps you set different tones as One-time or repeating alarms. You have custom sounds to choose from and set many alarms as you wish. You can label the alarms to indicate your schedules when the alarm sounds. A text message accompanies the sounding alarm to remind you of the activity in question.

For PCs that go to sleep mode the software can wake them up automatically without wasting energy. It is possible to have the volume automatically set to a comfortable level or turns it up forcefully. Using your music library you can access MP3 sounds apart from tones that come with the software. Users can activate the alarm from Monday-Friday giving them time to sleep during weekends. Tick  all the checkboxes if your alarm must sound every day.

Use a flash drive to hold a portable version of the software and then you run it directly from there. Identify the folder you want to launch it from Alarms helps you stay punctual everywhere you go, as an employee or just attending a business meeting so stay on top of things.

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