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"Transparency effects for Windows"
A review of AlphaXP by Andrew

If you find that your Windows 2000 or XP desktop lacks the design you are looking for, why not add some transparency? Give to your desktop a modern feel by adjusting the transparency of windows, the taskbar, context menus and even tooltips.  AlphaXP is just the tool you need to change the transparency of almost everything on your desktop. You can make each element fully invisible or add a certain level of transparency. Because the software supports keyboard shortcuts, you can alter the transparency quickly by simply pressing a key.

The interface is very intuitive and you can find plenty of options that control the way the software works. Various features can be turned on and off easily and the keyboard shortcuts can be customized according to your needs. The tool also has a feature known as “Advanced Transparency”. This feature is able to remove the  glitches that come with Windows XP transparency effects – flickering is the most common problem.

AlphaXP comes with adequate support in the form of a help file that contains animations and illustrations to show you how everything works. Its features are well documented and you will become a master at using this tool in just a few minutes.

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