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An advanced editor for .xml files

If you don’t know how to open XML files and edit them, then you need a tool like ALtovaXMLSpy. This little tool is everything you need to not only view XML files, but also edit and validate them. It can work with anything from XML, DTD and CSS to HTML, XSLT and XQuery files. You get syntax coloring for easy visualization and automatic code completion features. Also included are line numbering – very useful for huge files – and source folding options. All the features built into the program are designed to make it easy for you to view and edit XML-based files.

The software has very capable validation and form-checking capabilities, as well as intuitive entry helpers. These features help you easily edit the code while maintaining correct structure. If you work with HTML files, the program has a Browser View that allows you to see how the page looks like in real time.

It also allows you to edit the data in the file like you would edit a text document; the program handles the code formatting on the background automatically.AltovaXMLSpy is your best friend anytime you need to edit an RSS feed, view an XML or CSS file, or work on an HTML page.

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