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Angry IP Scanner is a dedicated application which shows you whether your network is active or inactive. The tool performs this by checking the workstations and also ensures the IP addresses run the required functions. The interface is simple, flexible and easy to use even for beginners; no prior experience is required to run the application. However, the settings of the software give explanations on how each menu and function operate.

The overall performance of the software is great, although for long scans makes the computer to look that is a bit slower. Optimization settings of the tool allow you to moderate the scans based on your pace. To achieve this, it runs on different threads to avoid loading one scan which might take longer.

Configuration settings have many options which support scanning, it is advisable to explore each of the function just to check which IP address is alive, as well as not forget the ports. The interface is integrated with various tools to run diagnostic operations of the network and give a feedback for all network utilities. It is a small-sized file which can also be portable on the external disks like the USB Flash drive.

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