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Not all video formats are supported by all computers. Any video converter is required  to allow conversion of video formats to compatible formats.  Video formats depend on the source of origin and the video producers. On some devices you can view only certain file extensions such as MP4, 3GP, AVI and so on. That's why you need to convert the file if you do not have it in a format that is accepted.


  • Supports all video formats like MPEG, ACI, FLV, MPG and 3GP.
  • Supports files from different sources like digital cameras, phone cameras, web cams, YouTube, removable disks among others.
  • Allows mass processing of video files.
  • Customizes multiple files for various functions.
  • Converts with fast speed.
  • Produces high quality outputs.
  • Accelerates video encoding.
  • Converts the audio component of the video file.
  • Maintain visual quality of the video file
  • Will reduce the size of video files
  • Supports customization functions like cropping, auto rotation and merging of the video files.
  • Has a text editor which allows adding text on titles, sub titles, tracking of the timers and other general editorial functions.
  • It is a small sized freeware which do not compromise computer performance once installed.
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