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Backup and restore Windows

The backups are made easy when you partition the hard disk space.AOMEI Backupper is a tool which allows you to create an additional hard disk, partition it and further back up data. The overall aim is to ensure in case of emergency data lost is minimal. To run the backup procedure on the interface, it is important to select a storage location, then create a path and further split the disk image. This can be done through encryption or file compression. The tool also runs scheduled back up at specific intervals.

The restore options on the interface allow you to view all back up files and the dates for further action. It also allows you to partition the hard disk drive by copying data from the whole disk to a specific location then create a system partition which you can select which data to input on specific partitions. The interface also allows you to create a default partition for subsequent storage functions.

The tool helps when upgrading or downgrading the operation system as well as run updates without any data loss. Finally, the application runs verification procedure to ensure the data is not corrupted or damaged.

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