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"Can test and measure the performance of Apache server"
A review of Apache JMeter by Andrew

Originally developed to test various Web applications, the Apache Jmeter has grown into a full-fledged testing tool that you can use to load test data into many other apps and to test their performance. The software is completely open-source and is based on Java. It is capable to test the performance of static and dynamic resources on your Web server by simulating very heavy loads. In addition, it supports architectures comprised of several Web servers and can test the strength of the network and vary the loads to check every part of the system.

The application is portable, which is good news for developers who are on the go. In other words, you save the program on your Flash drive and take it with you to the site where it needs to be deployed.

Apache Jmeter supports most servers and protocols (HTTPS, FTP, SMTPS, IMAPS and SOAP included) and is also very flexible – it allows you to plug in different samplers to make the tests as stressful as you like.  An added benefit of using this tool to test your Web infrastructure is the fact that you can see the results in a visually appealing graphical interface. Note that this is not a Web browser, although it looks like one.


  • to start the program in Windows, open the archive
  • then go to the folder /bin/
  • then click on jmeter.bat
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