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A MP3 DJ mix software

If you are a lover of music and wants to do what the DJs do, then AtomixMP3  enables mixing of music like a Pro DJ using your computer. With the mixing software, you can do some advanced and not so expert tasks using features that are easy-to-use. Each track has four loop modes adjustable to high, medium pitch or bass. Users can add brakes and flanger effects while adjusting volume and loop length.

The software applies the automatic matching algorithm to achieve the Automatic level and beat synchronization making DJ-ing a pleasant activity. The software provides an intuitive interface where users can load two files concurrently and mix them like a DJ. You can perform auto-mix, pitch control and others. You can manually add music to the playlist or let the software scan the CD. The “Option” section lets configure pitch, equalizer, auto BMP and much more.

Adding special effects during mixings such as whistle wolf, laugh, clap, bell, toilet and much more makes work interesting.  Additionally, save your mix sessions as WAV files and save on storage media or broadcast online on radio. The software uses average computer resources.

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