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Probably you know about defragmentation. It means that the files on hard disk will be aranged in such way that will not slow down the computer. When we copy files, the order on hard disk is changed, therefore the computer needs more time to find each file, because is moved on another sector. Run the defragmentation periodically. This program is easy to use. Just select a file, a folder or a partition and start arranging your files with Auslogics Disk Defrag to maintain the health and speed of computer. Run defragmentation process and see detailed reports.

Defragment your computer regularly and you see the benefits of a fresh, clean and fast operating system. Using this software, the process of defragmentation is running very fast.

The software can be scheduled to defragment hard disk partitions at desired intervals. Results are displayed in colored clusters or blocks. Clicking on each block will reveal a list with that files and you can see the number of fragments for each file.

Displays real time status with the progress of process, it can be paused and resumed anytime.

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