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Can find and delete duplicate files"
A review of Auslogics Duplicate File Finder by Andrew

This is a file management utility which enables you to automatically delete double file entries to enhance hard disk space as well as computer performance. The tool runs on a wizard platform for it allows you to make a choice on the type of file and the volume size you wish to delete. The tool can handle all file formats like images, multimedia, documents, and applications among others. The search bar gives you an option to input the file name or even the file size which you may wish to delete.

The search results provide all the information based on the search text input for you to make a final decision to completely remove it from the system. The tool has a duplicate finder which when enable itautomatically deletes duplicate files to the recycle bin. If you want to permanently remove them from the hard disk you have to empty the recycle bin.

The scanning process shows on a window with all the processes and progress well labeled for viewing; these is also ideal for batch processing of the files. The process is carried out within seconds. The only disadvantage of the tool is that it lack a help file to assist novices.

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