Auto Typer And Auto Clicker

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It allows automatic clicks

The fans of the game RunScape are familiar with automatic typing and clicking components. This is a function where a computer is set to auto type and auto click at a specific interval mostly not more than a minute. It is useful, for example, for games, for repetitive actions with the computer's mouse. However, the cognitive skill lies in the ability to put in the right time command to achieve the desired result.


  • Autoclick: It automatically sets the mouse to click a specific point at a specified time interval. (either in seconds or milliseconds)
  • “Autotype”:It automatically prompts the keyboard input function to key in a specified message at an interval.
  • Start/Stop: The program can set up a start/stop function using the function keys. F1 or F6 for start and F2 or F7 for stop.
  • Message list: The autotype input function can have a customized message list for the game
  • Message list saver:The message lists can be edited, added and saved for future reference.
  • Support: this tool has a help support system with videos and tutorials for test runs and trial version.
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