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Protection of files and other content using passwords is not enough. Encryption strengthens the protection from unauthorized access. AxCrypt is a free software tool and an open source application that gives encryption services to desired functions. The double click integration allows you to open both protected and unprotected files while the right click integration allows encryption of single files and folders. The application also runs decryption function. The wide usage of the application is because it is translated to many languages. It also supports batch processing of files through compression and later performs the function in just a click.

It stores the passwords in a such way that you do not need to log in with the password and encryption all the time. It is integrated with web browsers and Email messaging to support sending of content without compromising on safety. During download and installation, care is advised so that third party components are not included in the interface. It is a toolkit that is highly recommended for all users whether beginners or experts. The only disadvantage of the application is that the interface lacks a help file which can guide a user when is stuck.

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