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Another original way to organize your desktop in 3D

Bump Top is an attractive application that has the 3D feature allowing you to view your desktop as a 3D screen.  It removes the dull setting of a common computer screen. It makes the work more enjoyable.

It installs in seconds, although today you will not find a download link on their official site.  It can only be obtained as a free copy of the basic version.  Once installed, you have the privilege of running the tutorial to learn how to use it efficiently.


It comes with a right click menu that controls the operations.  It gives you access to four important features.

  •  You can view the old options in windows 
  • 3D icons of frequently used operations  like documents and photos and also social media sites that are put on the wall of the desktop for easier access.
  • It helps you organize your day by allowing you to pin your ToDo lists to put them on the desktop as reminders. 
  • “Pile By” is the new easiest method to organize files and icons leaving your desktop less cluttered.
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