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Analyze prformance of computer

It is important to know if your PC is good and has hardware able to run different applications. It is the dream of any computer user to have a maximum performance of their operating system. If you have no idea on how to check the Windows assessment then ChrisPC Win Experience Index is the best tool for you.

The Windows Experience Index gives you an overview of how the computer operations function. Some of the diagnostic issues it displays include

  • Hardware components and its processes
  • The RAM functionality
  • The internal processor speed
  • Graphical parameters among others

All these are rated using a score. When any of these have a low score, you have to either upgrade or take the necessary action. The application, yes, checks the functioning; it also gives you a backlink of the most appropriate update version.

The scores

The lowest score of the index is 1.0 while the highest is 7.9. As you run the update function, you need to consider other parameters like storage. For example, the processor of 64bit cannot accommodate a RAM above 4GB. The index will never go beyond 5.9.

This is a simple application with the scores of the computer performance index. Its only function is to check on the Windows performance index as an indicator of an update to enhance performance.

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