CLUE Classic

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Solve different cases and mysteries

A humorous game ideal for all ages. The file has a size less than 20MB. “Clue Classic” is a game very suitable from age 8 onwards. It is a solo game with computer players. For real, players, the software has online forum platform to play with the rest for up to 6 players. 

This application will give to a relaxing mood. The software takes care of all tastes and gender in having a variety of animations.


  • Solves clues remotely.
  • Has two game modes giving options of play.
  • Has a clear 3D animation increasing concentration span in kids.
  • It has sound and music selections.
  • Has different challenging levels improving a player’s cognitive skills.
  • Small in size hence no compromises on system speed; offering effective and efficient performance.
  • For young players, the difficulty level can or must be set to a lower value
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April 18, 2017
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