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You require a tool which is able to store your data without any loss even of the hard disk crashes. Comodo Backup is an application which offers automatic back up and data recovery services. The main goal of backup is to secure your data in case of emergency like Operating System updates, harddisk partitioning, virus entry and threats as well as system crashes.  External hard disk is not the best way to store data, because when they are prone to virus attacks and formatting is the only option which means all the data will be lost during the process. Scheduled backups and storing them in cloud storage devices is a routine which ensures your data is safe and secure even during emergencies.

Comodo Backup offers an easy option to perform the backup procedures in a simple way even for beginners. It has an in-built CCloud platform in a drag and drop function of files and folders you may wish to store. The tool is integrated with the Windows explorer to browse all the files you may wish to store. Batch processing of files is supported by the interface through encryption and compression tool for protection and avoids unnecessary access.

 Access to the files is easy since it runs on account platform for authentication and further viewing and use of the stored data.

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