Corel VideoStudio

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Can edit videos, create movies and add special effects

This is an application which edits videos. The tool allows you to create videos with great visual effects. It is a recommended video editor for professionals that incorporates visual and transition effects. The video authoring needs a little more expertise so if it is for professional use. The interface is integrated with social media networks to allow sharing of the videos with friends. The application can incorporate sounds in a visual mode,  ideal for videos since audios are a good feature for a professional video. 

The settings support personalization of unique effects and addition of clips. It also allows importation of videos from other sources meaning it is compatible with major video file formats. It has a well-structured interface with all the functions clear and precise.

Corel VideoStudio is a professional video editor it has numerous features and care needs to be exercised to produce a quality video with a professional touch. 

Manuals and tutorials are available to help you learn the functioning of the tool. A more unique feature of the software is the fact that it can use other video editing features that work in collaboration with the Corel VideoStudio. This is a widely used software tool by video producers and professionals.

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