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English language enthusiasts have tools for solving puzzles, search definitions and solving crosswords. The “Cross+A” is an example of such a tool, it performs the three functions in just a click of a button. The interface is clean, interactive and intuitive with all the search operations comprehensive. The search functions can find both letters, words, definitions and even word puzzles. The interface has a clipboard which allows you perform basic edit functions like add, edit, delete, copy, paste, undo, name, rename of words among other functions. The tool also supports importation of words to the clipboard to identify different parts of speech, keyword density, and word length among other functions. 

The application helps you design and solve word puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku and other logic puzzles. It is also integrated with web browsers to run spell checks as well as convert number to different types of numerical system like Arabic, roman and hexadecimal numerical system. The performance of the functions is faster with no errors.

The existence of the application on the computer system does not compromise computer performance at all cost.  The “Cross+A” is a wonderful tool for English language enthusiasts for it also helps build your English language cognitive skills while developing the crosswords and puzzles.

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