CSV Splitter

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Will split a big CSV file in different smaller parts

A .csv file is a format that saves data in table format. Many people use this extension to generate or export data, databases or other information. These files can be opened with popular programs such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Google Docs online and so on. If you have or receive a big .csv file and you cannot open it, one solution is to split it in many small parts and then you can  work with each small file.


Possibly the most important aspect of this tiny utility is the fact that it is 100% portable. In fact, it does not require installation; you just download it and double-click it to run. This makes it perfect for USB flash drives – store it on portable media and use it whenever, wherever you need. It can run in the background and process your CSV files while you focus on other projects you’re working on.

The interface is quite user-friendly, but you don’t have many options to choose from. For instance, you can’t change the output folder and file name (it saves the smaller CSVs in the same folder as the original and appends a suffix to the name of each new file).

CSV Splitter works on Windows (from XP up to 8, both 32- and 64-bit). The file does not contain any viruses, spyware or malware.

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