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Can convert CSV to VCF (Outlook contacts)

The CSV files, known as Comma Separated Values files, are generated by many programs and platforms and are used to store thousands of entries of data. For example, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook can export entire address books as CSV files. However, other programs (most often email clients) don’t work with the CSV format. What do you do if your contacts are stored in CSV format and your email client doesn’t know how to get your address book from it? Well, you have to convert the CSV to a vCard, of course.

The “CSV to vCard” program does this: will parse the entire CSV file and generate a fully-compatible vCard file from its data. Mobile applications and other dedicated applications will then be able to quickly import the data from the new file type. You can select which properties get transferred to the new vCard file instead of exporting everything from the CSV. Another interesting feature is the ability of the CSV to vCard program to automatically fill all the required vCard property fields automatically if the data is structured correctly in the original file. The program is very small and operates on all Windows operating systems (32 and 64 bit).

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