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Add effects and personalize the webcam

Webcam experience can be customized by adding visual and audio effects on the interface to have fun while chatting on Instant message platforms or video calling. This is only possible when you have YouCam Installed in your computer. This is an application that allows you to enhance the WebCam interface and give it a new look different from the default interface.

It allows you to have a different outlook by adding facial smoothness and texture. It saves the new face to always detect you once you log in.  Other body parts can also be customized with hand paints like the skin to add beauty and cover flaws. It also safeguards the information with its log in and log out component. 

It uses facial tracking technology to personalize and add colors, hand paint and other visual effects. You can share on various social network platforms like Facebook and YouTube..

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April 18, 2017
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