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DIMIN Viewer is a great tool for viewing graphical content of various file formats (mostly images). The application allows you to add different visual effects to the graphics like colors, borders, frames, brightness, texture among others. It is a widely used software kit since it is available in multiple languages. The main advantage of the application is that it is Windows based and supports external devices like digital cameras, webcam and Flash Drives.

It also supports metadata preview of different file formats. Other additional functions include: advanced zoom toolkit using the mouse, keyboard. It supports tabbed browsing so, each function is viewed on a different window, this allows easy navigation and comparison of the original and edited photo. The different file formats are listed in a drop-down list hence drag and drop function is effective for the tabbed browsing.

The interface also supports mass processing instead of running each individual file manually if it is the same function. The interface is integrated with third party applications like the programming packages to allow additional features.

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