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Will monitor the usage of internet bandwidth"
A review of DU Meter by Andrew

Du Meter is a program that will measure the usage of internet bandwidth and will generate reports. It is useful especially if you have restrictions or limits about how much bandwidth you can use. During the initial setup, you can choose to set an alert if bandwidth exceeds a specific quantity of MB,GB and more measure units. The number of maximum amount is fully editable and can set any number.

You can monitor traffic only from specific IP addresses or except one or more IPs. Can filter by type of connection: dial-up, wireless, local area connection or bluetooth.

The program  has all options needed to configure different appearance and colors, options for graph window if you want to hide it or not, choose between many types of graphs, set costs for data transfer to view the total amount you spend on bandwidth for a period, customize alerts for sent or received traffic exceeding a specific number, receive e-mail notifications for specific events, backup or restore database recorded.

Du Meter is a high quality software and all details and options are professional made.

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