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"Create and edit mailing lists, emails"
A review of Easy Mail Plus by Andrew

Mailing list can be difficult to manage and organize especially if they need to be categorized. The program Easy Mail Plus is a simple yet powerful tool which helps you to manage and organize mailing lists, labels, envelopes and contact lists. The design of the interface is simple though a bit outdated. It doesn’t have a touch of the current digital technology. The editor has basic edit functions like copy, edit, delete, rename, label, fonts changeamong others. The interface operates on a database platform where all addresses are stored in an orderly manner and further categorized into groups where necessary.

The interface supports importation from various database file formats and executed on the interface with ease. The import file formats supported include TXT, XLS, CSV, HTML MDB, and XML while export file formats supported include XLS, HTML TXT,SQL RTF, and PDF. The interface allows graphical and visual presentation on the envelopes and labels. They include logo design and imports from different image file formats like JPG, BMPGIF, and TIFF.

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