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Learning foreign language and other online courses does not need a physical classroom. The digital technology has enabled software developers to design online tutors for different courses. Entren is such a tool. It is an audio player with speech synthesizer for different languages. It is designed as a game-like application ideal for all age’s even children. It is a tool that you may not want to leave once you start the lessons. The lessons are interactive with simple accents which can be heard in all races. 

Once you complete one level you graduate to the next with more challenging lessons in game form. A unique feature of the online tutor is the input text editor where you can input a word and it translates it to a different language as well as gives you the right pronunciation. Apart from just the language the tool has in-built courses for different subjects and functions. For example, in mathematics, the tutor has a menu for different grades and different topics. It can draw graphical features since it supports both 2D and 3D animation. It is simple, flexible and easy to use interface ideal even for beginners. The program has a help function to guide you on all the steps and functions.

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