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The default file deletion process on Windows do not completely get rid of all those files from the computer. They are still stored on the computer, in hidden areas.  Their presence fills up the hard disk space and further compromise computer performance. Eraser is an application tool which comes in handy to permanently erase the files from the computer. The main advantage of the tool, any recovery tools are not able to retrieve the documents. A unique feature of the applicationis that apart from just erasing the files it also overwrites it using a preprogrammed patterns. 

The application has a scheduler to run the delete functions. The scheduler gives you an option to carryout delete operations either immediately or later.The interface has both an automatic and manual operation. 

The application has various algorithms to delete the files and folders. They are 13 in total, you have to make a choice on which pattern to use. The interface has a help file to give you comprehensive information in case you are stuck while carrying out any of the tasks on the interface. The process takes a while to ensure they are permanently removed from the system. 

Eraser is a secure application for file deletion.

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