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This is a simple tool that can select, edit and convert images with ease. The interface is simple and supports browsing of the images for image importation. The installation is fast with the set up easily navigable. It also has a portable version in which you can just copy the executable file on the hard disk and run it without installation. 

The tool supports major image file formats like JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PSD,and TIFF, as well as images from external hard disk drives like the USB Flash Drive. Once you import the image on the interface, you can edit and add edit functions on the image before making a final output. 

Some of the edit functions include: resize, rotate, bitrate as well as add visual effects like resolution, texture, color, font and smoothness among others. Once completed you are able to view the new file on the interface for further adjustments before saving it and final outputfunction. The interface supports batch processing for large number of files in just a click of a button.

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