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Mozilla Firefox is a modern browser with plenty of plugins

To access the internet through phone or computer you need to have an effective and efficient web browser that is fast and that supports most applications and operating systems. It should protect your computer and information from any malware and spyware. Firefox is a free web browser with a simple and flexible interface with no sophisticated procedure to install. It offers fast internet speeds and tabbed browsing for easy navigation between sites.

It supports additional functionalities through extensions. It will allow different extensions to add more features such as  download and upload of photos, videos, files and instant communication through various social media platforms. It has a database to detect any malicious websites and will issue notification with further cause of action.. It has an intuitive menu bar, search bar and tool bar to give variety of functions which meets the user’s need instantly.

It supports private browsing and clears history and cookies with a few clicks, to delete any trace. If there is need to save pages for future reference,it has a save-page function (Bookmark). 

Firefox gives fast and quick internet access with variety of public and private extensions integrated in the interface to give an excellent web browsing experience.

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