Folder Lock

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Will Protect folders and files with passwords

Folder Lock is a program which protects data from external access by using passwords. The protected data include folders, files, removable disc drives, CD drives and history. The program it is able to hide the data and to make it inaccessible. It also gives protection from scammers, viruses and any external entry. It is compatible with Windows.


  • Uses passwords to protect inappropriate access.
  • it can hide data especially in shared networks and PCs.
  • It will protect you against hackers, scammers
  • It has configuration settings for customized functionality.
  • It can store web addresses and information about payment methods .
  • It has function for back-up

Why Folder Lock?

  • Compatible with Wndows.
  • It is able to detect hackers activity.
  • It gives user privacy in networked or shared environments.
  • It has a back-up enabled feature.
  • It has automated password protection as a default.
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