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Can enhance or apply effects to pictures

This is basically a photo editor. It allows you to add people to photos and merge them to make a more presentable photo. It runs on five tabs which move in a step by step process. Once you have select an image, the first tab is ‘background image’ it allows you to select background image,rotate, add colors and even add various graphical formats that suits you. 

A list of all available images is listed. It is integrated to the computer gallery to select from your own image selection. Second tab ‘foreground’ allows you to select the foreground image it supports photo cropping and related features. The third ‘composition’is the composition tab is allows you to modify shadows, fading and add different shapes on the image among other compositions.The fourth is the option that makes final touches on the image and photos. It allows you to select visual effects like texture and smoothness to improve the photo quality. 

The final tab approves the functions selected and allows you to have a photo with all the selected components added to the photo. It allows you to view the photo with all the added functions. At this stage you can still edit and add more visual effects.

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