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Personalized images, you can draw on photos

Different digital photos captured on different scenes might not be very presentable. A little editing and adding of visual effects is necessary.  FotoSketch is free software that gives a touch of art to digital photos. It has over 20 different visual styles from sketches, paintings, crayons, water colors and cartoons add artistic element to the photos.

Apart from the pencil component, it can edit the digital photos by adjusting contrast, texture, brightness and zoom to maintain the digital photos and delete some parts of the photos in different slides. All these functions are completed just by a click of a button. Initially, it converts the image files to pencil sketches using its different in-built visual styles. Once you sketched,it adds all the necessary effects like color and light intensity, brightness, set contrast, add borders and frames as desired. Finally, the program displays the digital photo and the edited photo for comparison then finally saves both of them.

The pencil component is configured to act like the normal real pencil and sketch to your desire. It has a user friendly interface that is flexible and easy to use despite the many features. It gives a text editor to add texts to the edited photos. However, it only supports JPG, PNG and BMP file formats.

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