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This is yet another FTP file transfer application with synchronization function. The main advantage of the tool is the scheduler feature; you do not have to be present to run the functions, the tool has a preset program to schedule transfer at a different time or even at preset intervals. At a glance the tool looks so cluttered, by a closer look and practice you will realize it is easy with many customization settings to help you resize and select desired storage locations.

The synchronization feature on the tool allows you to fit the contents to a manageable size so as to fit a specific location. Different windows on the interface allow you to views media files remotely. The tool views the files in a queue both for local data and remote data on the FTP connections. It also supports edit functions on the interface for comparison of files. 

Advanced feature on the interface is the ability to view connections to detect both similarities and differences. The toolis ideal for both beginners and advanced users. It also performs basic connectivity functions with an aim of running transfer functions between computer and the FTP server.

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