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Manage a company"
A review of Game Dev Tycoon by Andrew

To be a good manager requires many skills. One way to practive these skills is to play a strategy game like this where you have to manage a company that produces video games. If you are a lover of video games and you wonder what it takes to make one, then Game Dev Tycoon was specifically designed for you. This is a game which tests your management skills as well as gives you a chance to have access to the entire necessary tool ideal for making a video game.

The games start you off from scratch at the beginning of the game, by the time you finish you have a complete game available for reviews. Along the way, you pick your theme and all the subsequent levels follow the same genre with relevant skills to help you grow. This is a game which portrays the intrigues in management to a point in which the company becomes successful with many employees.

You can only know the value of your video game when you have a chance to get both positive and negative criticism. In Game Dev Tycoon you have a reviews column where you get to have critics to give you feedback on your game.

This is a fun game which needs you to have lots of knowledge when it comes to management of the game.

The design is not exceptional, but you will train many skills.

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