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An advanced mathematics software

GeoGebra is an application designed for all those interested in geometry, algebra and mathematics in general. It can very well meet the needs of any user (novice and advanced)  as it brings together all the necessary tools for performing basic calculations as well as more complex mathematical operations.

You can work with various dedicated tools and commands to create mathematical objects combining several geometric representations with other specific objects used for calculus and algebra. One can design lines and vectors, points and segments, conic sections, arcs and curves and then perform different calculations.

There are options to hide and rename objects, resize them and edit their properties, add labels and captions, trace objects and points position or animate free numbers and angles. Moreover, you can create equations using pre-defined operators and functions as well as sequences of commands to modify objects (GGBScript and JavaScript are both supported).

At the end, you can export your dynamic worksheets as HTML files or share them with others via GeoGebraTube.

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