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Application to create statistical tests

It is wise to check on all statistical and probability parameters of all computer activities to gauge their efficiency. This is only possible with the use of specialized applications. The G*Power is one example of such an application. It gives you a comprehensive view of what happens behind all computer activities.

Calculates unlimited statistical calculations

The G*Power come in handy for students who require the data analysis for other functions. It comes with a menu which lists all available statistical elements. Once you click on any of them; you click on the calculate button and it automatically runs all the geometric, arithmetic and graphical presentation in just a second.

Some of the statistical tests in the tool include

  • Standard deviation
  • Regression
  • Variance
  • Proportion
  • Correlation among others

Provides a softcopy and a hard copy output file

Immediately after any of the calculations, you can save, print and view the tool in a preview mode for future references.

It does not just calculate, all the output results are accompanied by text comments to give you an overview of the definition and any other issues that the application may have experienced for you timely action.
Use this tool to minimize time and brainstorming sessions common with statistical and probability calculations.

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