Great Stella

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Create multiple polyhedral objects

The program “Great Stella” is for design of polyhedron models. It creates 3D polyhedron 3D dimensional figure in both offline and online platforms. Once designed it creates the nets that are used in the design. The interface can save and finally print the nets to bring a real time object. The software is integrated with output devices to support the printing function. The interface has various in-built models in their system to support design of numerous models. The 4D models can be downgraded to form 3D and 2D models.

The interface also has an icon which gives tips in building the models and the nets. To develop the models prior experience in Mathematical algebra and common solids is required to enjoy full benefits of the program. The interface is crowded, scaring a new user but navigation and building of the models is simple, and very easy to use. 

The advanced settings of the software can measure distances between various points in the model, calculate the amount of material needed to develop a real model. The interface is interactive and intuitive, to fit for all calibers of users.

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