GTA Vice City Mamaia Vice Mod

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New cars made in Romania

Game mods – short for “modifications” – are alterations to the game that make it function in a certain way. In most cases, these modifications add new characters, maps and other elements. If we’re talking about a GTA Vice City modification, it can change the game pretty substantially. It changes the Vice City into Mamaia city from Romania. You may find that Mamaia can be more interesting than the usuall,  so try today this mod.

The modification also enables GTA players to use popular Romanian cars like the Dacia and Daewoo. Another interesting feature is the fact that all police officers are now dressed like Romanian police officers. The other features of the game remain unchanged; you’re still a wanted man on the run. Now you are searched by  Romanian Police.

The GTA Vice City Mamaia Vice Mod is less than 200 MB in size and runs on all versions of GTA Vice City. Did we mention that public phones will never be the same after you install the Mamaia Mod?

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