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"Is simulating life in a prison"
A review of Hard Time by Andrew

This is a prison simulator game in which you don’t have to  build the prison – you are the inmate! You have been sentenced to do – you’ve guessed it – hard time in a maximum security prison. When you start the game, you can choose a nickname and change the various attributes of your inmate: health, intelligence, and strength. Moreover, the game lets you customize the appearance of your character.

Installing Hard Time is a trivial task and it should work on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Unfortunately, there is no Windows 8 or Windows 10 support at this time. The simulator is relatively small and doesn’t require many resources to run. Game controls for Xbox and PlayStation are supported, so you can play in multiplayer if you desire.

There are around 100 other inmates you can interact with inside the complex. The prison itself has 12 areas full of interactive objects (furniture, etc.). You should be aware of the dozens of laws that are being enforced by the wardens – and keep in mind that wardens are not fair all the time. 

The currency of the game is “reputation,” and each one of your actions and words can have significant consequences as you advance through game.

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