Internet Download Manager (IDM)

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Do you want to get files from the Internet faster?. IDM (Internet Download Manager) will split each file into several ones and will start download them all in the same time with an incredible speed, faster than many other similar programs. The files can be organized by category and you can create custom categories.

Is also available as browser extension to monitor browser activity and retrieve the management of download when detects that you intend to perform a download. Browser extensions can be enabled or disabled through Options menu. IDM it is also capable to download video files.

Other features include the possibility to import a list with web addresses for files from a text file (mass processing). The downloads can be paused and resumed any time.

The scheduler allows to set desired time interval when Internet Download Manager will start and stop (by days, time).

The speed limiter enables you to set a maximum speed for downloads, in KBytes per second. 

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