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"You can solve Sudoku puzzles"
A review of Isanaki by Andrew

Isanaki Sudoku is a free multilingual game including English, French, Spanish, Dutch and any other language proposed in the collaboration. The game supports manually imports from clipboard, binary files and text files (.txt .msk .sdk .sol .spf& .ss). Data entry is possible using keyboard and mouse. Did you know you can make up to 256 Undo and Redo instructions?

Installation of the program involves a simple extract files from .zip then copying to the desired location. It is best to create a folder and name it Isanaki for easy identification.

The game can generate 6 levels of boards ranging from easy to friendly ones and while building the boards the progress of such operation displays.

Isanaki Sudoku uses brute force technique in a combination of logical deduction to solve all the boards. 

Other valuable features include Helper which can disallow invalid entries. It also displays hints for you graphically to assist with the logic behind that suggestion apart from showing Hint Data on the left panel. With the Helper, it is possible to make a U-turn from Sudoku to Wordoku and vice versa.

Isanaki Sudoku has 20 different solving hierarchies that can be modified and reused.

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