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If your hard drive has crashed and you risk to lose large amounts of very important data, you need to take action immediately. The same applies if you accidentally deleted some important files or folders from your computer. IsoBuster can recover almost anything quickly and painlessly from media such as flash drives, hard disks and SSD drives. The user interface isn’t one of the prettiest we’ve seen, but the program does its job very well. It is able to list all available drives and helps you find the missing files and folders. You can then retrieve the data by choosing a save location or by extracting the raw data. It can even recover information from CDs that cannot be read by the disk drive.

The install process is simple and the program guides you through all the necessary steps. It also warns you not to install it on the drive that contained the missing data – doing so may overwrite some of the files and make them unrecoverable. Also, it does not save recovered files on the same partition to avoid overwriting other files. Although it isn’t one of the prettiest programs out there, IsoBuster does its job better than many other similar tools. 

It is able to quickly find and recover lost data from a wide variety of mediums without errors.

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