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iTunes is simple toolkit which help you to manage contents of iOS devices The content that iTunes can manage include music, applications, videos, photos and even television talk shows, webinars and podcasts. We cannot fail to recognize the fact that is also acts as a multimedia player. The program support basic device operations like copying, deleting, installing application, synchronization and file backups. For installation it only supports application from the AppleAppstore. For iPhone users is the main gate to purchase applications from Appstore. 

The multimedia component in the application enables you to play music, watch videos, and manage libraries together with playlists. A unique component of the multimedia player component is that, it allows you to watch live talk shows, webinars and podcasts. The contents of these are automatically sent to your computer in a safe storage location. The software has a backup function which supports scheduled backups as well as save option to external devices like the Flash Drives, CDs and DVDs.

The scheduled backups is a pre-programmed function whereby it starts the backup process from the last time your file content had a backup. The software is remotely integrated with iPad, iPhone, multimedia player and iPod units to allow you to manage content between the devices. 

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