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Software developers admit that the toughest part of a programming language is the decompilation. JD-GUI is software for quick management of the pseudo code prior to execution. The Java-based utility software works with the LOG and TXT file formats but also more useful with the JAR and CLASS file formats.

Highlights specific areas of the flowcharts

This is a plug-and-use function with a color function to just highlight the areas in which you need to decompile.

You do not have to go through the entire program when using the application. The search function is activated to enable you to directly navigate to the specific area you wish to decompile. The areas in which to type include

  • Data type- string, real and constant
  • Types
  • Methods and techniques
  • Fields
  • Characters

The customization settings allow you to go up to a depth of 50 when analyzing the code. This is a simple and straightforward software but only if you have knowledge of what programming language codes is all about.
Programming experts have excellent reviews on the practicability and reliability of this user-friendly application. You do not have to annually work on the programming codes to decompile. Use JD-GUI. And enjoy the amazing programming experience.

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