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A high precision calculator

JExacter is a customizable and high precision calculator written in Java programming language having 30 digits by default. However, the accuracy of the software stretches 1-240 significant figures. The program is easy to use. Notably, the program has a unique variable name “me” short form for memory that allows recursive computation at every successive execution that stores the value of the last result of calculation.  

The program writes a formula in natural notation including operators, constants, and variables with a limit of 248 characters in length. A formula then is verified for syntax after which it compiles by optimizing the calculus. The largest/smallest acceptable digit is 1e±1,000,000,000. Users can modify the variables at any time. The application predefines the values for “e” and “Pi”. 

Also, the software uses  a direct mode of calculation where the continuous addition of figures, division, and multiplication limiting the precision to 25 digits.

Every file controlled by the software can printed from the program’s File menu. The Help file is freely accessible at any moment and users may add own comments to the text.

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